The Master 2 EvoGEM (Evolution of Genomes, Populations and Species: Data and Models) is an inter-institutional and inter-disciplinary course aimed at acquiring a solid basis in evolutionary genetics, with a specialisation in modelling, mathematics, bioinformatics and genomics. The courses are given by and in various Parisian institutions: Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris Sciences & Lettres, Sorbonne University, Université Paris-Cité and Université Paris-Saclay. EvoGEM will be open from September 2022.

Before the beginning of the academic year, we recommend that students take the time to read one (or several) of the books in the following list: Recommended reading list

Registrations are open!

Please fill in the Registration Form online. The responsible of your registration institution will then get in touch for the registration formalities. Please be aware that registration using this form does not mean you will automatically get accepted into EvoGEM. Registrations are open until 19 July for “Full EvoGEM” and until 2 September for the “à la carte” formula. Enrolment is limited to 20 students for each module (only 15 for Info0).

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