The core curriculum is composed of 3 courses of 6 ECTS (2 weeks) and 4 courses of 3 ECTS (1 week). Each course can be taken independently, as an opening course in a Master’s programme or as part of continuing education.

Course list

Course (Location) Acronym ECTS Head
Theory, models and scientific explanations in evolutionary genetics (MNHN) EVO 3 S. Samadi (MNHN), A. Barberousse (SU)
Stochastic Models in Ecology and Evolution (SU) SMEE 3 A. Lambert (ENS)
Genomes, populations, species (ENS) GPS 6 P. Gérard (Agro-PT), G. Achaz (UPC)
Quantitative genetics (UPSaclay) GQ 6 H. Teotonio (ENS), Diala Abu-Awad (UPSaclay), P. de Villemereuil (EPHE)
Stochastic Models in Ecology and Evolution (Math1 / MAEE) AMEG 3 S. Robin (Sorbonne U)
Comparative Phylogenetic Analysis (UPC) CPA 6 G. Achaz (UPC), N. Puillandre (MNHN)
Individual student project in modeling and data analysis (UPC) Projet 3 O. Tenaillon (UPC), S. Samadi (MNHN)

6Depending on the origin of the students, and based on the examination of their CV, additional one-week courses are offered at the very beginning of the year (3 ECTS or out of contract depending on the student’s university).

Course (Location) Acronym ECTS Head
Computer science update (SU) INFO0 I. Lafontaine (SU), S. Mona (EPHE)
Biology update (SU) BIO0 M. Tenaillon (UPSaclay), I. Lafontaine (SU)
Mathematics update (SU) MATHS0 C. Dillmann (UPSaclay), P. de Villemereuil (EPHE)

Overview of the year’s schedule (2023-2024)